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Honest, transparent auctions

Legacy Guitars is changing the way guitars and amplifiers are bought and sold in an auction format. Each auction is vetted and prepared by us to ensure accurate, consistent descriptions that eliminate superfluous and subjective information.

Low buyer and seller fees

Sellers pay one low insertion fee for reserve auctions and listings are free for no reserve auctions. Buyers and sellers each pay a low 3% commission on the sale just like a live auction. No more high seller fees and add-ons that take a big bite out of a sale.

No sniping or proxy bids

Our anti-sniping feature ensures every bid is accepted up to the last second. All bidders have an equal chance to win and sellers are guaranteed the last bid is the highest one. No proxy bidding means the bid shown is the current high bid – nothing is hidden.

Only vintage, custom shop and premium instruments and amps

Legacy Guitars provides buyers and sellers a venue where special instruments and amps don’t get lost in hundreds of listings on other popular auction sites or marketplaces.

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1965 Fender Stratocaster

On offer is this late 1965 Fender Stratocaster. Same owner for last 52 years.

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