Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

You can register for an account by going here

How can I change my password?

You can change your password at any time on your My Account page here

After I submit my guitar or amp what happens next?

Once you submit, we will review your submission and get back to you, typically within 2 business days. If we accept your guitar or amp for auction, you pay the listing fee and we will create your listing based on the information you provided.

What is considered a “premium”, “custom shop” or “vintage” guitar?

Premium instruments are typically valued at $5000 and above. This could include guitars at the top end of a manufacturer’s range, from independent builders such as Traugott or smaller manufacturers like Santa Cruz Guitars. Custom shop guitars are produced by a manufacturer’s custom shop but may also include some reissues. We consider a vintage instrument or amplifier as typically being manufactured before 1970.

Can I list a guitar for sale if it does not fit in a premium, custom shop or vintage category?

You may submit any guitar or amp for review, however we will not accept every submission. For instance, you may have a 63 Melody Maker or a ’66 ES-335 that has been highly modified. Although these are both technically vintage guitars, we feel the potential buyers for this type of instrument are limited and that there may be better venues to sell.

Why is there a hold on my credit card?

If you have registered to bid on an auction(s) we place a hold of 3% of your initial bid with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $2500. If you win an auction an amount equivalent to 3% of the winning bid (up to $2500 maximum) is charged to your card.

What happens after the auction closes? How do I get paid?

Shortly after the auction closes we will provide the winning bidder and seller each other’s contact information (email and phone number). Payment and instrument collection can be arranged by any method you agree upon. Shipping charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

How do reserves work?

A reserve is the minimum amount a seller will accept. We do not show reserves in the listing or provide that information when the auction is over and we work with sellers to set reasonable reserves.

Can I relist an auction?

We will relist an auction for one week (7days) at no additional charge for either reserve or no reserve auctions.

Can I bid if I’m not in the United States?

Yes, as long as you have registered with a valid credit card. Shipping charges are the buyer’s responsibility. We recommend asking the seller if they are willing to ship outside the United States in the comments section of the auction.

Can I lower my reserve?

You may lower your reserve at any time by notifying us up to one hour before the auction ends.

How do I know if the guitar is being offered with a reserve?

We will state in the description of the guitar or amp is being sold without reserve. Otherwise a bidder cannot see information on the reserve. We feel that showing things like “reserve not met” discourages active bidding.

What happens if I receive a guitar or amp that is not as described?

We encourage all sellers to be transparent and accurate in their descriptions and provide photographs of any flaws. Should you receive an instrument that has issues beyond what has been described please contact us and CC the seller with your concerns. If a mutual agreement can not be reached between the two parties, we will contact the seller and ban from Legacy Guitars if necessary.

How can I contact the seller?

We do not provide seller contact information in the auction listing and will not share unless a bidder has won an auction. If you have a specific question, please ask in the comments section. There may be other people with the same question and the seller will be able to respond there.

I am a dealer, can I list guitars or amps here?

Absolutely! We welcome dealers and recognize that our service may be a better alternative for your offerings in some categories.