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Why are we asking for this? It helps us validate bidders to reduce fraud.

Why are we asking for this? It helps us validate bidders to reduce fraud.


Provide as many photographs as necessary to accurately represent the intrument or amplifier. Include at least one photo that contains the entire instrument from the front and the back. Detail as much information as possible. This may include fret closeups, date codes, initials, etc. Ideally, beauty shots should be taken on a well-lit, neutral background without hard shadows. Do not use a flash unless the light is diffused. Pay particular attention to accurate color representation and adjust lighting if necessary. Do not alter images in Photoshop. Provide images as JPGS, no smaller than 500K.

Required photographs

Serial numbers (stamps, tags, plates, etc)
Neck dates on vintage Fender instruments
Control cavities with any relevant initials/numbers/dates


We highly recommend that you to provide a video of the guitar being played. A potential buyer can hear the guitar (or amp) and see it in a different setting than static photos. It goes a long way in helping answer subjective questions that cannot easily be explained in writing. This is a key element to a successful sale. Videos should be well lit with extra attention given to sound. We recommend focusing on the guitar itself and not the player – a tight crop is more effective. Give details about the amp if necessary and provide any other information that may need explanation. Do not use pedals – play straight through the amp. Most of all, be creative and have fun. Post the video(s) to YouTube and provide the link(s) here. They will appear in the photograph section of the auction.