Why Legacy Guitars?

I’ve been collecting, buying and selling vintage guitars and amps for more than 30 years. From the days of scanning the classifieds in the morning paper to the early days of the internet, then with a retail shop, and finally through online auctions and marketplaces. Over the past few years I’ve heard many stories from people that have become dissatisfied with the popular auction and marketplace sites. Fees and add-ons were becoming unreasonable and took big bites out of a sale. And, with so many listings and so much inventory it is easy for a special guitar to get lost in the noise. Until now, there has been no place to buy and sell vintage or premium instruments without the clutter of everything else. 

The Legacy Guitars Model

The Legacy Guitars auction model is based on one of complete transparency and “just the facts”. The seller provides the details, but we write the copy without embellishment. We don’t describe guitars as “minty”, “rare” or “plays like butta” in our descriptions. Every auction is vetted and presented in exactly the same way with the same set of criteria. 

Product Description and Presentation

Several years ago I sold a few guitars on a popular marketplace. In every single case I probably got a half dozen questions asking “what does the guitar sound like”. It was never an easy question to answer because there are so many variables and sound is often subjective. It gets more complicated when a potential buyer asks what an electric guitar sounds like acoustically. How do you answer that? For these reasons, we encourage every seller to provide a video link of the guitar being played. The video is included in the photo section of the listing. Nothing does more to help a sale than high quality, well lit photographs. During a live auction, potential bidders or just people interested in the auction can comment, ask the seller questions and see bids in real time. No more answering the same question a dozen times – everyone can see the answer. And finally, no more sniping. If a bid is placed within the last two minutes, all the way down to the last second, the auction clock resets two minutes. Think of it as an auctioneer’s gavel. Bidders are allowed a reasonable amount of time to raise a bid and the seller is guaranteed the final bid is the highest one. We think you’ll find this is an effective and engaging format for the seller and buyer – honest auctions with simple, low fees. For more information on see How it Works